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DSEK - A State of Sight #11 with Isaac Porter, MD

Dr. Porter explains DSEK, a selective corneal transplant procedure where only the inner layer of the cornea is replaced. This can improve vision in patients with a cloudy or swollen cornea in cases like Fuchs' Dystrophy and edema following eye surgery.

How dry eye syndrome affects the cornea and tear film - A State of Sight #94

Dry eye syndrome can cause blurred vision when tears do not coat the cornea properly. This can result in irritation of the corneal surface, which must be smooth along with the tear film to see clearly.

Watch this episode of A State of Sight with Isaac Porter, MD to learn more about the surface of the cornea and how this works with the tear film to provide clear vision.

Pterygium, carnosidad, conjunctival autograft, conjunctiva - A State of Sight #10

Isaac Porter, MD from Lowry Porter Ophthalmology explains the basics of corneal transplantation, which is one of the most successful transplants in humans. Patients with cloudy, hazy, swollen, or scarred corneas may benefit from a transplant. Modern surgical techniques now allow the replacement of the entire cornea or selective transplantation of the inner or outer layers.

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